In regards of U.S presidential elections 2016, Washington post election news polls holds the perception of,

“Donald Trump presidential nominee for Republicans being less qualified as compare to Hillary”.

The election news polls provided the research grounds, endorsing that Hillary Clinton Presidential nominee for Democrats is holding four points lead in her way to the white house.

US Presidential polls

The poll has taken place during the rowdy phase in Donald Trump’s candidature, soon after the release of a video wherein he spoke of taking of women for sexual purpose and that during a point in time where a great number of women have blamed him of sexual misbehavior.

Further more US Presidential polls endorsed that 7 out of 10 were of the view that that Trump in a way has made unasked for sexual moves, while Trump’s brags about imposing himself on women folks via a hot- mic videotape was hypocritical. In the meanwhile, the controversial episode seems to have made a little impact vis-à-vis on his total support base.

As a whole, US Presidential polls prevails that Clinton is ahead from her rival by 47 to 43%amongst the potential voters, in addition to the 4pc-point error margin the survey. Gary Johnson — the Liberation Party candidate — has the backing of 5% and Jill Stein —- the Green Party nominee — is at 2%. In the registered voters, polls depicts a related four-point margin, with Clinton at 44 and whereas Trump at 40%, Johnson at 6 and lastly Stein at 3%.  In a one-to-one matchup, the Democrats nominee Hilary is ahead from her Republican candidate by 50-46 % amongst the potential voters whereas by 50-44 % among the registered voters.

Furthermore, US Presidential polls describes, supporters of the two candidates are divided in 88% of Trump’s followers and 89% of Clinton backers saying the will ‘definitely’ stick to their present predilection.


The latest conclusions as by washington post’s US Presidential polls, poll illustrate only a minute deviation from the previous survey conducted by Post-ABC, which was done at the end of the first phase of the presidential debate. Simultaneously, Hillary Clinton had an immaterial two-point upper hand over Mr. .Trump amongst the probable voters. The outcomes are in a way far better for  Donald Trump than rest of the polls since the videos came to the fore, but in case Clinton manages to maintain  such an edge until Election Day,

The current findings show only slight changes from the last Post-ABC survey, which was taken on the eve of the first presidential debate. At that time, Clinton held an insignificant two-point edge over Trump among likely voters. The findings are somewhat better for Trump than other polls taken since the video, but if Clinton were to maintain such an advantage until Election Day, that could translate into a sizable electoral college majority.


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