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Unanimously, Hillary Clinton is leading US Election polls Donald Trump with 5 points in Florida, furthermore, a new poll for Presidential elections 2016 has been conducted out from Monmouth University on Tuesday Wed September 21, 2016.

US Election polls

The conducted poll provided insight of Clinton leading Trump among numerous voters, the difference is of 46%-41%. Subsequently, 6% and 1%, was the difference between Libertarian nominee Gray Johnson and Jill Stein representing Green Party. US Poll follows the results of Florida’s ballot between Gray Johnson and Jill Stein.
Monmouth’s polls produced another unfavorable finding for
Furthermore, another poll provided some unfavourable insights for Mr, Trump. Moreover, Monmouth’s Election polls doesn’t seems on Trump side.
On the other hand, just 24% of citizens in Florida hold’s the perception of,
“Donald Trump believes that current U.S current President Barack Obama is a neutral citizen”.

On the surface, the Republican politician is amazingly near Sir Edmund Percival Hillary Clinton within the Washington Post/ABC News survey. US Election polls trails by simply four points, 50% to 46%, among doubtless voters nationwide. That happens to be identical size because the margin of error.

It’s conjointly solely a two-point shift in Clinton’s direction since our US Election polls on the eve of the primary dialogue, before his attacks on a former Miss Universe. The discharge of the 2005 video and also the emergence of over a dozen ladies United Nations agency have suspect him of unwanted sexual advances.


Trump has reached his ceiling, with little or no room to grow.
Source: Breanne Deppisch

Donald Trump is stuck. The deeper you drill into the crosstabs of our new poll, the clearer it becomes that he can have a really exhausting time obtaining over 46% of the favored vote. Us Election polls will translate into a landslide loss within the body.

Source: CNN


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