Total Solar Eclipse Time

Oregon and its visitors savor a total eclipse.

Near Depoe Bay along the Pacific coast, a flock of sea gulls hidden in fog called out loudly, then went suddenly quiet. A chorus of gasps rang out among the scattered crowd of about a hundred still gathered at Government Point as the sun disappeared. And then a cheer as all dropped into total darkness.Total Solar Eclipse Time

Tina Foster, here with her family, was nearly in tears.

“That was so amazing — to witness that in real life,” she said. “That was kind of life changing, especially for the kids.”

Elsewhere in the state’s zone of totality, electronic signs along the highways flashed warnings that stopping was not permitted. The rule was ignored. As the moon swallowed the sun, a rest stop along Interstate 5 overflowed with cars.

In Salem, Ore., there were hugs, screams and tears, punctuated by cheers when the planet Venus became visible just before totality.

Some fear poor weather to the east.

Solar Eclipse Scene from NYC
Solar Eclipse Scene from NYC

The moon was continuing along its path across the United States, but some worried they would be at the wrong place during the moment of totality they had planned for.

To the east in Beatrice, Neb., at the Homestead National Monument of America, the buses kept arriving, dropping off thousands. They were deposited into weather that was becoming progressively cloudier through the morning. “I just said another prayer for ‘please let us see at least some of it,’” said the local chamber of commerce’s executive director, Lora Young, as eclipse time loomed.

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