Sheikh Khalifa-bin-Hamad Al Thani Passed away

Qatar to observe three days of mourning after the former emir, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad, died at 84.

Not to mention, Sheikh Khalifa ruled Qatar for more than 20 years.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani

Former Qatari Emir Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani passed away on Sunday aged 84. He ruled Qatar from 1972 until 1995. Qatar will observe three days of mourning on death of Sheikh Khalifa-bin-Hamad Al Thani. Sheikh Khalifa-bin-Hamad Al Thani was the grandfather of the current leader of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Source: Aljazeera

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad ex supreme leader of Qatar

His death was declared by the administration of Qatar, which did not state the basis for sudden death or where he died. His grandson “Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani”, the present emir, confirmed three days of public bereavement. Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad acquired supremacy from his cousin in a violent overthrow in 1972 and was expelled by his son in another violent takeover, in 1995.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad 1990s Political legend of Arab frontrunners

Throughout Sheikh Khalifa’s supremacy, Qatar a kingdom on a peninsula emerged out as much larger Arabian Peninsula into the Arabian bay — qualified speedy economic growth, facilitated by its massive oil assets. In 1981, it united five bordering kingdoms; Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, to form the Gulf Cooperation Council. Furthermore, Iraq in the regime of Saddam Hussein, occupied Kuwait in 1990. Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad united other Arab frontrunners in constructing his country’s army bases obtainable from American’s help. American, French and Canadian combatant jets flew operations from Qatar throughout the war.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad with his decidedly mixed legacy

By the same token, after battle, Qatar contracted a safety agreement with America. Subsequently, till date Qatar hosts the advancing command center of the United States Central Command and aircraft involved in aerial bombardment countering Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria and Iraq.Moreover, Qatar campus of Georgetown University’s professor described Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad and his legacy as decidedly mixed legacy.

“His hypothesis of command was welcomed with much eagerness and enthusiasm over many assured deviations to come. However, as the years carried on, widely held opportunities were discouraged, particularly surrounded by the young.”

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad and his royal family carrier

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad was born in Al Rayyan, Qatar, into the House of Qatar’s royal family, in 1932. He turns out to be the country’s deputy leader on Oct. 24, 1960, and finance minister 2 weeks later.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad and his Political insights

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad was the first prime minister of state, additionally a British protectorate — on May 29, 1970. Comparatively, before the holding job Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad was Oil minister too.On the positive side, from that point on, he was efficiently the head of state. As an illustration Sheikh Khalifa-bin-Hamad established freedom on Sept. 3, 1971. When Qatar confirmed freedom Sheikh Ahmad was in Switzerland, and it was left to Sheikh Khalifa to issue the declaration. Sheikh Khalifa had overthrown Sheikh Ahmad on Feb. 22, 1972. Chief of state declared an instantaneous increase in wages for civil employees.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad as a dominant regulator over oil production

New king was the dominant regulator over oil production. In February 1974, King had an agreement with international oil companies that provided 60% of regulatory control to domestic government. Perpetually, government announced the control over remaining 40% Oil by the end of that year. Those Oil exports mentioned Qatar as one of the world’s richest nation in context of its per capita income. Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad took Qatar on different aspiring world affairs platforms through defining his new ally the United States.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad, end of his political regime and his life till death

On June 27, 1995, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa the crown prince, overthrown his father’s crown and drove him living a life of refugee. Ultimately, spending numerous years in Europe, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad returned homeland in 2004 and spent an unknown economy outlined life until his death. Qatar is on its rise, ready to host FIFA 2022, with its capital “Doha” known as “Center of the Arts World”.

Sheikh Hamad transferred crown’s power to his son Sheikh Tamim in 2013, who remains emir.


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