Priyanka Chopra is apologizing immigrants for her Traveller Magazine’s cover in which she was wearing a T-Shirt insensitive to “Refugees” with a statement “addressing xenophobia.”

Bollywood Queen Priyanka Chopra Apologized for a criticism addressing her, modelling highly “insensitive” “T-Shirt” featured on Conde Nast Magazine.

The top has the words “migrant”, “refugee” and “outsider” crossed out whereas the word “traveler” stands out.

Both the role player and Conde Nast were criticized over the “privileged” message, with several declaring that being an expatriate was “not a choice”.

Priyanka Chopra Apologized

Conde Nast told the BBC their intention was to spotlight labelling of individuals. Chopra told India’s NDTV news channel,

“I’m very self-deprecating regarding sentiments being hurt. I actually have perpetually been against labels. I’m terribly affected and feel very ugly; however the message has been misunderstood.

Therefor in front of all media Priyanka Chopra Apologized.”The magazine stayed dreadfully clear that they needed to send a message regarding addressing social phobia with labels.” indeed it was not an act of shame, Priyanka chopra Apologized for.

Conde Nast additionally place out a press release within which it stood by the duvet and strained to explain the meaning after the snapshot. The magazine Conde Nast Traveller also described the statement of misconception on their Website as well. Conde Nast Traveller’s website justifies the matter as,

“it was not about Priyanka Chopra being a refugee or immigrant or outsider. Instead it was about a concept undertaking the context in regards of making the world a better place for immigrant, refugees and outsiders”.

Explaining that it believed during a “world with not borders” and “needed a gradation to create”, the description said: “We must know that we have a tendency to area unit all on a journey. Moreover, when people see Priyanka Chopra wear a T-shirt, what they do is just judging the context wrongly and therefore Priyanka Chopra Apologized for their misjudgment.

Whether we have a tendency to area unit moving across oceans or simply a couple of kilometers, or in our mind, into a totally completely different world. We always got a bad Minder in our society responsible for criticizing the progressive work while disturbing the insensitive issues of society.

Chopra is feeling sorry for posing in a Magazine wearing a T-Shirt Quoted “migrant”, “refugee” and “outsider”crossed out with a word “traveler” stands out.

The magazine cowl, that was tweeted out by Chopra earlier this month, before long caused outrage in India, with several spoken language that it absolutely was inappropriate, particularly within the context of the Syrian expatriate crisis.

Several highly trended tweets on a social media channel were underlying,

“Why, Priyanka Chopra Apologized, for a misconceived act.

Controversial Refugee Shirt was not  insensitive to refugees at all.”

untitled-1-recoveredOther Social media users expressed similar views in regards of Priyanka Chopra Apologized. Bollywood Queen’s fans tweeted “Crossed Quoted “migrant”, “refugee” and “outsider” words on her T-Shirt along with un Crossed “traveler” word standing out, was providing Human Friendly justifications and was not insensitive to Immigrant’s at all. Subsequently emphasize of Priyanka Chopra’s fans was that, why Priyanka Chopra Apologized for the “T-Shirt”? and that the statement was not xenophobic at all.


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