The XI JINGPING President of China established its own currency in less economic activity to achieve a dream for the financial market in the battle.The developed nations believe that to implement the dream.The dream of president is name as OBOR (One  Belt  One Road)The OBOR (The Silk Road Economic Belt and Thee 21st Century Maritime Silk Road)named .This plan is of Trillion dollars and it includes 60 countries approximately. According  to China  it is ten years plan and have 116 large projects. It annually upon Trillion Dollars business after compilation.

The OBOR have two parts. The route which is the bad part named as(Silk Road Economic Belt).The shipping lanes named as (Maritime Silk Road)

The six major economic Corridor(A small pack of them)is include in SREB are railway lines an economic zone. The old Silk Route which is up to Europe through Central  Asia  to Eastern China is planned to build again.

OBOR China is actually the main component CPEC.Malacca distance up to China southern coast is about 3346Km.The distance of Srilanka from Malacca is 2466Km.

From Srilanka to the GULF of ADEN. The distance is 4400KM.While 3509Km to enter GULF of OMAN from Srilanka.

In cortrast from Gawadar to Oman a distance is 385Km.

Gawadar distance off the GULF of ADEN is 2539Km.

China built a ship which is 22222Km distance to the pot city of Rotterdam in the Netherland.This cause the distance 12565 between Gawadar and Rotterdam. The importance or Gawaddar is increased in this context.

The China is drawing a line around Asia.


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