Status of Women in Islam


What is the Status of Women In Islam

Status of Women in Islam

“A western perspective for status of women in Islam”

The status of women in Islam is an important issue of present time; both due to the difference of cultural practices in the Muslim communities in contrast with Islamic perspective and the incorrect perception of Religion Islam as by West.

West carries a perspective in which they think, that Islam follows a practice that doesn’t allow women empowerment. A literal wrong perspective carried by western culture for Islam that is obtained through different unauthentic primary sources of knowledge, followed by their initial analysis of Islamic culture particularly through the easiest collection of data from the nearest Islamic states to west conquered the mindset of Western culture in regards to their views related to Islam. Indeed if an in-depth study of the regions where Islam is practiced widely as a basic and biggest Religion of the particular geographical location; this would rather opposites the western perspective in means of, Islam a special blessing for women. (Why islam¹)

Some General eastern thoughts defining women rights in Islam

Islam provides equal rights to women, indeed being a woman if I say that Islamic women are more privileged then men. In west women can earn money or possess an independent livelihood without being permitted by anyone else. Oppositely, Muslim women can’t spend a life alone in which she will be the only decision maker; yes, Islam provides a privileged life to a woman, but within some boundaries of its religious manners. And this is the beauty of Islam, this is the only lead that being women I provide to Islam in related to other religions. (Own thought)

An Islamic woman is the most blessed creator of the world. She has blessed billions of times more than the man, well the least one among all those billion blessings would be that; she is the only creator of Allah with the maximum bodyguards around her in terms of her father, brother, son and husband. (My Teacher’s views)


Status of Women in Qur’an

“O Mankind! Reverence you’re Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single person, created of like nature his mate, from them scattered countless men and women. Fear Allah, through whom you demand your mutual rights and reverence the wombs that bore you, for Allah ever watches over you.” Al-Qur’an 4:1 (Al-Quran) Ref: 2

“Before the advent of Islam, women have no class in the world it was a time of ignorance they consider women as a threat to their family they bury their daughter alive because they frightened that as an adult, she was a stunner that could be bought, sold and inherited. They just use women as a property.After this dark chapter of women in their society, Islam came and raised women to a position of authority and stopped up the dark chapter of their life and unlock the dazzling chapter of existence for them. it is not essential that all women and men responsibilities are equal. This difference is reasonable because men and women are inferior, by their nature they are emotionally and psychologically differ from each other With thus no one can say that men are superior from women.

Spiritual aspects in Respect of Women

Before the origin of Islam women in society had no class they consider women just their slave and thought that they are no more than an objects for sexual fulfillment  of a men than The holy text of the Qur’an and the history of early Muslims told that the women are as equal to men they have equal rights to survive and at a time when the religious circles argued over whether women were human or not, Islam came and disprove that wrong perspective that Eve pursues Adam to disobey God, and thus caused his downfall. The Qur’an says that they both disobeyed, and invalidate the idea that they are the root of all evil.In pre-Islamic period there was a concept that women are nothing without Qur’an refute this idea such as:

As Qur’an says: It is from God indeed God provides for whom He wills without account.

Like Mariam(a.s) who was blessed with a child without any man, he was a child with God’s protection. this Ayath declares that there is no upper and lower both are ashraf ul makhlooqat and equal in front of Allah they both are dependent on each other no one is complete without another opposite gender.

In Quran Allah almighty provide evidence that men and women both are equal and both have similar rights and duties:

“Never will I waste the work of a worker among you,
whether male or female, one of you being from the other.”

[Al-Qur’an 3:195]

It is proclaimed that every woman has self-sufficient individuality they might be responsible for their spiritual and moral duty.



Respect of women in Islam and its social aspects.

Prior to Islam, there was no role of women in society they did not know how to treat a woman at that time when they subjugate womenfolk Islam raise and enlighten the dignity of women and make people realize that women also have fundamental rights which include:

  • right to live
  • right to educate
  •  right to have their own independent property
  • right to speech
  • right to equality                                                                                                                                                                                      Almost fourteen centuries ago, Prophet Muhammad
    (p)declared that “It is obligatory for every Muslim, male or female, to acquire knowledge (Al-Bayhaqi).from this point Islam declare that female education  is necessary which enhance position of women in society and tells that they are equal grip with men , Allah almighty gave more superiority to women rather than man as a mother ,According to hadith narrated in Bukhari and Muslim by Abu Huraira, the Prophet was once asked who amongst all the people was the most worthy of his respect and compassion . The Prophet (PBUH) replied “your mother”; the man wanted to know who should be next, the Prophet (PBUH) said “your mother”. The man enquired, who next?, the Prophet (PBUH) replied for the third time “your mother”, again the man asked who next? The Prophet (PBUH) replied “your father”. Ref: 3
    On another occasion, when a man came to the Prophet (PBUH) and expressed the desire to join a military expedition, the
    Prophet (p) asked him if he had a mother.When he replied that he had, the Prophet (PBUH) advised him
    “Stay with her, for as like several authentic hadith including the one narrated in Ahmed and Ibn-e-Majah, “Paradise lies at the feet of the mother”.

The respect of women in Islam as a daughter

As a daughter, women also have right to treat them equally by their parents.The Prophet(p) gave glad tidings to those who did not insult their daughters or favored sons over daughters.According to an authentic hadith related in Ahmed, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Anyone who brings up two daughters properly they will be very close to me on the day of Judgment.

A woman has the right to make a decision about her life marriage whether she accept or reject marriage proposals, and Islamic law requires the consent of women before marriage.

In the context of Marriage in Islam Abu Huraira narrated:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “A lady slave should not be given in marriage until she is consulted, and a virgin should not be given in marriage until her permission is granted.” The people said, “How will she express her permission?” The Prophet (ﷺ), “By keeping silent (when asked her consent).” — Sahih al-Bukhari 6970.

A marriage is highly recommended obligation which is base upon mutual love and care.

place of women in Islam in Islam is defined in Quran as:

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them, guard.” (4:34)

Husband and wife should help each other Prophet Muhammad (p) helped with household chores, although he has faced massive issues and responsibilities.”

Emotional aspects in Respect of Women

The other example is about emotions/feelings we always dismiss the importance of emotions which are creations of God. Islam respects human emotions for example when a men came to the Prophet and said that he was going to marry women from the ansaar he had not seen, the Prophet told him to go look at her. When the wife of ibn-e thabit asked for a divorce just because he was not good looking the prophet respect her feelings and granted her the divorce.

There’s a huge diversity between how Qur’an describes the right of women and how the world captures it.Though they show gloomy aspect of Muslim women they neglect them and consider them diffident and treat worse than slaves. They do not show justice for Muslim women even if they demonstrate their sincerity everywhere which fortify their sense of attainment.

The spiritual and moral duties for men and women are essentially the same both have equal responsibilities while maintaining social and moral values.
women are free to express their feelings and thoughts as men are.
It is stated that most of the time early Muslim women participated in public affairs especially at the time of emergency. It is declared by Quran that women is not only free to express their opinion but they can also argue in serious discussion with the prophet and as well as with other Muslim leaders. Do not consider women valueless or dispensable.

Women’s Economical rights in Islam

Islam gave economic rights to women 1400 years ago, 1300 years before the Western world started raising their voice for women in the 18th century the enlightenment stage of women widely known as the 1st wave of women. (Wikipedia³)

Defined Islamic Law of inheritance distribution:

Islam has given women a share of the inheritance. Prior to Islam, women were deprived of their shares they never inherited even from their close relatives.they consider women as a property.
Out of that transferable property, Islam knows edging the inherent individuality of women. Whether the woman is a wife or mother, a sister or daughter, she receives a certain share of property which depends on the degree of relationship. This share is hers, and no one can take it away from them. Even if the dead person wishes to deprive her by making a will in favor of any other relative; still Islamic property inheritance Law forbids Muslims to act as it’s defined by Islamic law instead of following the dead person’s will.

Women’s share of inheritance in Islamic Law

In Islam women’s life and property are secured we can say that she is financially well secured as a man. Men’s are not superior from women for example If she commits any crime, her punishment will be the same it will not be is no less or more than of a man’s in a similar case. Man and women are equal as per Islamic perspective, indeed their positions defer in some quest for which Islam binds a Muslim. For example, a woman gets less financial compensations in respect to her brother. Meanwhile, if a father left 1 daughter and 1 son then the financial division between both siblings would be as; son will get twice of the inheritance belongings in respect to the daughter’s portion of inheritance by the father. 1 part of inheritance for a daughter while the son will be having 2 portions of inheritance.

On other hands, if women got harmed, she will get equal compensation related to the compensation assigned to men in Islam.
Women are free from all financial liabilities they do not have to work or earn money it is responsibilities of man’s shoulder that give them a lovely livelihood.
As a wife, a woman is entitled to demand of her prospective husband a suitable gift (Meher) from the husband which will be her own and she does not have to give this gift to her husband or father and she can do anything lawful with it.

Quranic Verse in favor of  Husband’s Haq Meher to a wife:

In Surah Nisa Chapter 4, Verse 34 (4:34)

“Give the women (on marriage) the dower as a free gift”.

This wedding gift (Meher) symbolizes love, affection, and commitment that an Islam as a religion provides to the women.
Women do not have to give any dowry to men and men do not have any right to ask or demand dowry from women. The power given by man to a woman during the marriage is known as Meher and is compulsory.
As a daughter or sister, she is entitled to security and provision that is the father and brother respectively. That is her privilege.if she wants to make herself stable she has the freedom to do jobs.
It is thus clear that the status of women in Islam is very high. Islam has granted them rights that match beautifully with their duties. What Islam has established for women is that which suits their nature gives them full security and protects them against disgraceful circumstances and uncertain channels of life.

women’s rights under islam

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