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salah times — 5 prayers in Islam / Daily prayer:

There are 5 prayers in Islam which Muslim offers 5 times a day. Details for 5 prayers in Islam that relates to Daily Prayers to offer are given below.

Fajr Prayer

Fajr Prayer Time:

Fajr is the first prayer among daily prayer for Muslims to offer. The first daily prayer “Fajr” is offered before sunrise. Muslims start their day with Fajr prayer, as they believe that the beginning of the day with the remembrance of their creator (Allah) will give them prosperity and success in the day coming afterward.

Dhuhr Prayer

Dhuhr Prayer Time:

The second prayer of the day is Dhuhr. It is offered When the sun begins to decline after reaching its highest point (Zenith) in the sky. It is believed by Muslims that Dhuhr prayer is the source of wealth in all aspects of life.

Asr Prayer

Asr prayer time:

Asr Prayer Times arrives in the evening. It is the third prayer of the day. It is offered by Muslims with the belief to get healthy.

Maghrib Prayer

Maghrib prayer time:

The fourth prayer of the day is Maghrib prayer. Maghrib prayer time arrives just before sunset.

Isha Prayer

Isha Prayer times:

The Isha prayer “night prayer” is the night-time daily prayer recited by practicing Muslim followers. It is the fifth of the five daily prayers. The five daily prayers collectively are one pillar among five pillars of Islam.

In Fard Isha Prayer there are 4 rakah in total among which 1st 2 rakah are prayed loudly. On the other hand while traveling it reduces by 2 Fard prayers of Isha.

After offering 4 fardh of Isha Prayer there comes the 2 rakat sunnah along with 3 rakat of Wajib Witr.

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