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Prayer is one of the dominant elements of Islamic worship. Certainly, it is the 2nd of the Five Pillars of Islam. Along with the evidence of faith, the journey to Mecca, fasting the month of Ramadan.  Further paying the zakat, forms the important outline of religious life for Muslims. More than that, the observance of the ritual prayer forms the outline of each Muslim’s day, from the fajr prayer to the night prayer that precedes sleep.


Muslims offer fajr prayer London before sunrise. Worshipers perform Zuhr time London in the noontime after the sun has surpassed its maximum point.  Asr prayer time London is the evening prayer earlier than sunset before zuhr London.   Maghrib in London  is the evening prayer later than sunset before asar namaz time london  and isha time London is the nighttime prayer

Anerley Bromley

Anerley has never occurred as a free entity, but rather as a overall area. Prior to the enclosure and the transfer of the Crystal Palace to Penge Place at the top of Sydenham Hill, Anerley was an vacant part of Penge Common, and did not grow until the 19th century.

The government Act of 1827 specified that a 50 feet wide, new road, was to be fixed out from Elmers End Road to what is currently Church Road, Upper Norwood.  In 1827, a Scottish silk industrialist named William Sanderson bought property on the former Penge Common.  He made the first house in the region, which he called “Anerly”, a Scottish word sense “only”.

The road then became known as Anerley Road, also giving the name to the nearby area. William Sanderson’s name is the first to seem in the 1st rate book, dated 18 June 1827, now detained in the Anerley Town Hall.

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Mosques in Bromley, London

Lewisham & Kent Islamic Centre (Chislehurst),

Nurani Cultural Centre & Mosque,

Jumu’ah Salaah,

Jumu’ah Salaah organised by Jamiya Masjid and Islamic Centre (JMIC),

Mosque and Islamic Centre,

Al-Emaan Centre

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