London fajr time – Explaining the term Fajr Briefly


London Fajar time

Prayer London refers to the Prayer in London when the Muslims of London offer five  prayer. The prayer timetable  London  represents difference between  Namaz Timings London and  other states of UK. the term prayer times for London primarily  used for the fives daily prayer time in London  plus jummah time London. Fajr prayer London is the first prayer time you will see in the following salaat table.

The Time of the Fajr Prayer

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As in prayer schedule today, the time of the Fajr prayer is during the start of dawn till sun rise. A period which continues about one to one-and-a-half hours on average.

The spiritual period, awakening into awareness:

This is an especially appreciated time, spiritual exercise occurs in. As the sun rises upon the earth after fajr , the soul get up from its rest in the Divine Presence. And one’s actions during this blessed period are of immense significance to spiritual awakening into awareness.

Word Fajr Meaning:

The word fajr means “dawn” in Arabic, derives from similar root word infijar”; meanwhile “to explode” or “to burst forth”. The term “infijar” points towards the light of the sun as it explodes into the darkness of night and lights the world. Replacing darkness with brightness, vision and clarity.

Importance of Sun in the term “infijar”:

It is the light of the sun that sustains whole life on the world. Allows and makes all things to grow. Delivers heat and comfort, protection and security to humankind. In the similar way, the Fajr prayer provides light and direction, power and support. To the human soul and heart, and performing Fajr prayer steadily. With attendance and with intention is priceless to the human. Being looking for to awaken from sleep, recklessness and ignorance.


And if you experience fear, then (pray) walking or riding, but when you are safe then remember God like He taught you (second person plural = You all Muslims) what you (all Muslims) never knew. (2:239)

The time for the Fajr prayer is a period of light and barakat, spiritual blessings, and it sets the tone, liveliness and frequency for the entire day which follows. It is a blessed time and one need not worry about losing sleep. With good spiritual practice, the human body and mind develop eager with nature. To get energy and force in life and so it becomes less dependent upon worldly rest and sustenance for its nourishment.

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