How do I get accurate Qibla Direction or Maghrib Prayer Times? When in Jungle or far away from Networks – Measuring Qibla Direction to Kaaba from NYC


How do I get accurate Maghrib Prayer Times? When there is no any network where you can see Prayer Times Brooklyn, or get Qibla Direction for Brooklyn?

Qibla measurement requires the difference between geographic coordinates, that you can get from any good Map.

Now, one will ask what are geographic coordinates?

So, to find out Qibla direction manually, you must know the Latitude and Longitude of that location along with Latitude and Longitude of Kaaba.

Measuring Qibla direction from New York City:

If Geographic Coordinate of Mecca is: 21°25′N 39°49′E and the Geographic Coordinate of New York City is: 40°43′N 74°00′W than the distance measured is calculated as:

From East: 74°00′ + 39°49′ = about 114 degrees

Towards South: 40°43′ – 21°25′ = about 20 degrees

Now assume a point, and draw a 1st line starting from that assumed point and take it around 114 cm in East. Now from that same starting point draw the 2nd line, while taking it around 20 cm at South. Now measuring 140 cm and 20 cm from that basic point, we got “Point A” to 140 cm and “Point B” at 20 cm.

Ans: The direction between “Point A” and “Point B” is Qibla.

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