Haram and Halal for Muslims Man and Women in Islam – What are actions people do in the Western (modern) world that are forbidden in Islam? A Question asked by a Quora user.


Haram and Halal in Islam – What are actions people do in the Western (modern) world that is forbidden in Islam?


Haram food & Haram acts in Islam

There is not a little difference that you say, this is what exactly the thing that contains the basis for cultural differences between the Western world and Eastern World. If we take it very deeply, we just come to know that, it’s not only Islam that got very deep neglecting ideology when it comes to the practices that are easily adaptable in the Western world. Indeed all eastern pro religious societies, that got very long historical backgrounds; like “Hinduism” and “Buddhism” also forbids its followers for such western acts that “Islam” forbids a “Muslim” to go for.

The most forbidden actions in Islam that are easily adaptable in today’s Modern, Western society are:

  1. Zina

  2. Drinking Vine

  3. Music with Instruments.

  4. Eating pork and monkeys (Because they’re related to Jews)

  5. Drinking Alcohol

  6. Gambling

  7. Playing dice or anything that depends on luck as it goes against Allah’s predetermined fate.

  8. Interest in debt (Only interest-free debts are allowed)

  9. Dancing.

  10. Wearing dresses where one’s genetically organs goes prominent and cause attraction for the opposite gender (Wearing jeans and t-shirts; Casual stuff)

  11. Tattoos

  12. Premarital relationships.

  13. Showing affection in public.

  14. Staring or looking directly at the opposite gender.

  15. Masturbating

  16. Homosexuality.

  17. Marrying your step sister/brother if she/he breast feeds on the same mother.

  18. Eating said animal (non-halal food)

Haram For Men:Haram things for man in Islam

  • (Men) Wearing Gold jewellery
  • Silk clothing for men is Haram
  • (Men) Piercings
  • (Men) Marrying more than four wives
  • (Men) Marrying your birth mother, your grandmother, your daughter, and your granddaughter.
  • (Men) Wearing shorts that show the knees.
  • (Men) Shaving body hair
  • (Men) Having a sexual or another type of relations with a woman is strictly prohibited, other than his wife.
  • (Men) Having a long Moustache, that can touch the eating or drinking stuff; as if your Moustache touched your food or drink, the halal meal is also considered Haram in terms of FIQAH.

Haram For Women:Haram things for Women in Islam

  • (Women) Showing hair or skin in public.
  • (Women) Talking to another man, other than husband, indeed talking in front of a “Mehram” (Father, Husband, Brother, or Son) is OK if it’s necessary in cases like; the Non-Meh-ram Men is a “ta-bib” (Doctor), Qazi (Judge), “Layer”, and etc. If a scenario occurs where a Women got no Meh-ram in her life, still she is allowed to talk to such responsible folks, in terms of necessities like illness, some Law suite or etc.
  • (Women) Wearing Jewellery in public or wearing Makeup in public, indeed she can wear jewellery and get her makeup on in public when she is in a covered gown so that it won’t fascinates or attracts a Men for her. More over she is free to wear Jewellery and makeup openly when in a ladies function where they are not seen by any Man.
  • (Women) Marrying a man 9 months after a breakup with ex-husband. As if it was any possibility of her being pregnant from her last husband so that it can shows off in 6 months and then the last husband is responsible for providing his child’s expenses to his ex-wife.
  • (Women) Being in the company of other men, it’s not only about a girl or women having a pry-marriage relationship with a Man; but just a friendship with her “Male classmates” or “Male colleagues” is also not allowed in ISLAM.
  • (Women) Sitting in the living room with the husband and his friends, be it a in house party, any Islamic cultural event, Eid, or any relative’s or friend’s marriage ceremony; Eating with the husband is not allowed when his friends are also there, even when her husband’s friends also got their wives with them. Meanwhile, co-education system and open parties combining Male and females enjoying together are not allowed in Islam.

At the end Islam is the religion of piece so, this is what told by “Allah SWT” by his last messenger “Prophet Mohammad PBUH”, who not only preached us by “Hadiths” and “Quran” and it’s “Holy Verses”; but he “Mohammad PB UH” won his follower’s hearts by implementing the Islam’s complete code of life on his own life.

Please don’t procrastinate Islam, by the shameless acts of some double faced people. Be realistic and get a brief study of Islam as a complete code of life; if you can’t get a thorough study of Islam, let us know we will provide you with some authentic reading material to get your concept clear regarding what exactly Islam is. And how it provides a complete code of life?. How Islam provides extra privileges to a Women then previous religions before Islam provided to its feminine societies.

An important (Note) for Muslims, a true Muslim is the one who’s life is a lesson for the non-believers, in terms of fulfilling all those preaching of Islam by “Muhammad PBUH” that is handed to us in shape of “Hadiath” (Sayings of “Muslims last prophet Muhammad”) and “The Holy Quran”. Teach your children Islam’s true practices, answer their childish questions regarding Islamic knowledge and Islamic History. So that they grow up being a true Muslim while practising the real Islam by following “Quran’s preaching”. Let them know how praying 5 times a day will connect them with “ALLAH Taalah”. Let them know that how they can ask Allah for their any Halal needs while praying 5 times daily prayers. Make them habitual to “Quran recitation with Tafseer” at least for 30 minutes in a day, so that they come to be true believers. Get them the best “Quran teacher” who will make them adopt, Islamic ethics for spending a true believer’s life. Let them know that “Quran is the only guide book for a Muslim, to get a way of spending a worthier life”.

At last be a believer so that the community around you, thinks at least once regarding “What they assumed Islam as, and what actually Islam is”. Be the one to get frustrated American youth adopting, “An ideal code of Life in the shape of Islam”.

Mohammad SAW didn’t turned US in Islam by “Jihad”, indeed “Life of the Last Prophet of Islam” turned us being a real human who now really knows it, that how to keep his Queen (Wife, the most precious gift by Allah to a true Muslim man) safe and sound from the bad world, while fulfilling all her “Halal” needs with affection and love.

Comments from Muslim sisters will really be appreciated, that what you feel being a Muslim wife?

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