East London mosque prayer times


East London mosque prayer times

Prayer Times







 Prayer is a way through which Muslims  talk to God. Like  one person talk to second person through phone. So salah is way of communication. Since It  is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and every  Muslim have to offer it. Only those who are immeture or ill they can leave namaz.


Mosque is a place where Muslims offer prayers. Moreover It is also origin of information, social welfare, education.

East London mosque

 In general east london mosque is Attaching with London Muslim Centre and Maryam Centre. East london mosque is one of the biggest mosques among the Europe where muslims offer fajr london, zuhr time london, asr time london, maghrib london, and isha time london plus jummah time london. At a time 7,000 worshipers can offer prayer london. Meanwhile it was the first mosque in Uk in 1986.  That allowed loudspeakers for giving adhan.

Building details

Its construction start in 1982 and  ended in 1985 on the left empty property bombing in World War II. John Gill was the designer of this mosque. The mosque has golden roof of around 8.5m diameter. The minaret increases around 28.5m overhead milled level. The main entrance is over with two smaller copies of the minaret. The mosque has two big halls, classrooms, offices and a selling unit. This mosque is one of the most famous mosque of east.

Its construction was started during 2002 named as the London Muslim Centre and finished in 2004. Connected to the mosque, it is a six-storey structure with a prominent entrance containing a sweeping mosaic design.comparatively the centre has two multi purpose halls, a meeting suite, a nursery, classrooms, a fitness centre, a small Islamic library, retail units and offices.
In 2009 phase 2 began, a nine-storey addition on the Field gate Street side to be known as the Maryam Centre. On a site initially used by the mosque’s funeral services. Designed also by the same designer. The Maryam Centre opened for Muslims on 4 July 2013. It has main prayer hall, guest centre, more then five floors of service for female including prayer place, education services and a fitness center.  Additionally  it has support facilities. Moreover it helped to give  better funeral services.

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