Chicago prayer times and Azan schedule for 2017 – 2018


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Azan schedule for Muslims to get accurate Chicago prayer times from our Namaz timing app:

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Namaz timings by different parameters offered by following Prayer times providing organizations:

  1. Shia Ithna-Ashari
  2. University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
  3. Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
  4. Muslim World League (MWL)
  5. Umm al-Qura, Makkah
  6. Egyptian General Authority of Survey
  7. Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran

Islamic School of thoughts:

  1. Shafii
  2. Hanafi

Latitude Adjustment Method

  1. Middle of the Night
  2. One Seventh
  3. One Angle Based

Prayer Times Calendar view:

  1. Daily
  2. Monthly

Follow this timetable for 2017’s last month’s Chicago prayer times:

Chicago prayer times
Muslim Prayer Times

Prayer is one of the dominant elements of Islamic worship. Certainly, it is the 2nd of the Five Pillars of Islam. Along with the evidence of faith, the journey to Mecca, fasting the month of Ramadan.  Further paying the zakat forms the important outline of religious life for Muslims.

More than that, the observance of the ritual prayer forms the outline of each Muslim’s day; this simply starts from the Fajr prayer to the night prayer that precedes sleep. And same will repeat every day without having a single day’s break in it. As per Muslim’s beliefs, offering 5 times daily prayers made their day secure from bad stuff to happen.

Chicago prayer times monthly calander:Invalid Location Array

What is the exact schedule of daily 5 time prayers for Muslims in Chicago USA:

Muslims offer Fajr prayer Chicago before sunrise. Worshipers perform Zuhr time Chicago in the noontime after the sun has surpassed its maximum point.  Asr prayer time Chicago is the evening prayer earlier than sunset before zuhr Chicago.   Maghrib in Chicago is the evening prayer later than sunset, right after Asar namaz time Chicago. The last prayer among 5 daily Muslim prayers a Muslim has to offer is isha; not to mention that isha time Chicago is the nighttime prayer in Muslims Prayers dictionary.

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