What is Adultery or Sexual Misconduct? Parents rejecting proposal & Forced marriages


Mufti Menk & Ali Dawah Parents rejecting proposal & Forced marriages

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Mufti Menk & Ali Dawah Parents rejecting proposal & Forced marriages – YouTube

Parents rejecting proposal & Forced marriages

Parents rejecting proposal

What is Adultery or Sexual Misconduct?

Allah almighty has made marriage very easy and Allah has facilitated it so simple. If you think no it’s difficult it’s because of something that holding you down that’s not Allah. That’s would it is. It’s not Islam, It’s not ALLAH, It’s not the rule of Allah, It’s something else that holding you down, holding you back, prohibiting, stopping, putting obstacles, we can never be Allah Almighty. Allah has made it easy so no one has excuse to say I committed adultery, It is one of the Kabair, It is some of the major sins, It removes the Noor from the face of the individual and removes the happiness and contentment from the life of the individual and it takes away the chances of you or me or anyone else going into Paradise with ease. So, It’s not like you wouldn’t go into Paradise, May Allah Almighty grant us with Paradise but you need to seek forgiveness, you need to make men, you need to become once again a person who asks Allah Almighty for forgiveness and said look I have done what ever in the past, it’s over, it’s gone, I don’t Devil to bug me down, I started your life and O Allah forgive me and grant me Paradise. Once you are sincere, do not let Shaitan (devil) make you go back to think about what happen and destroy your future because one of Shaitan plans is he make you lose hope, losing hope in the sense O someone comes and says I have committed the adultery or fornication or I have done this and that and it’s eating me live, I cannot say salah more, I feel too dirty, That’s Shaitan, the first part of it the mercy of Allah but the second part of it is the devil making you hang on, hang on, Allah would not want to forgive you, no way, you went a little bit too far, no matter what you have done, remember Allah forgive you,

There is mention in Quran,


Percepts for life

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Mufti Menk & Ali Dawah Parents rejecting proposal & Forced marriages

Meaning of Quran Ayah Adultery or Sexual Misconduct

Amazing, Allah Says, (Meaning) Those who have transgressed against themselves committed immorality, those who have engaged in immoral acts, and this includes adultery, fornication and everything in terms of sins, and they have oppressed themselves, remember  Allah and seek for forgiveness and who is there to forgive besides Allah.

You know that What Allah says, if they do not continue in their back ways which means if they turns and changed their lives and they know they have actually turned for the sake of Allah, they don’t knowingly go back and commit the sin, Allah says for them is forgiveness and Paradise.

So, Allah almighty is talking about those who did commit the sin, so hang on, there is a way to Paradise and that is men your ways, forget about the past by seeking forgiveness. Don’t you say ok I was bad and now I am good. Ask Allah for forgiveness, I was bad, now I am good, O Allah forgive me. And then don’t lose hope.

People asking Questions regarding Adultery fornication

A lot of people ask the question about the Halal Dating. What am saying right now utmost thing and that is brothers and sisters what you have done cannot be undone except through tawoba. When you are engaged in tawoba it is undone. Allah Almighty speaks in the Quran about “Zina”. This is the major Sin and He says that those people who are engaged in the major sins will be punished but He makes some exceptions because He is most merciful and He says,

Allah Speaks about Major Sins in Surah Furqan (Al-Quran)

In this Surah Allah says about Major Sins, ones who have involved in major sin must be punished; but as Allah is most merciful there is an exception for making yourself free from punishment, and that is Taubah.

Meanwhile one must undone his or her major sins through tauba (Muslim Forgiveness Prayer)

Recommendations are to offer Salat ul taubah
Arabic Quranic Verse for forgiveness in Surah Furqan:

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Arabic Quranic Verse for forgiveness in Surah Furqan:

(Meanings) The exception is for those who have prevented to Allah Almighty and after that done good deeds. Allah says for them we will convert the bad deeds undone. We are speaking about bad deeds. We will convert the bad deeds by bringing them onto the right side of scale into the good deeds because they have changed their lives after they asked Allah forgiveness.

So, if you ask Allah forgiveness from a sin, He will forgive you and He will white the sin out and if you commit a sin again, you ask Allah forgiveness again and He will forgive you and if you commit the sin third time, ask the Allah forgiveness and conditions are admit your sin, regretting, ask Allah forgiveness and promises to do it not again. If those conditions are met, it’s white and don’t doubt forgiveness of Allah. Don’t ever. Don’t Shaitan come to you and make you think what I am not forgiven and if those four conditions met then you are forgiven. So some might ask what if after sometime I committed it again because I happen to fall although I engaged in Tawba, I was genuine, well if you are genuine then be genuine once again and genuine third time and genuine up to time you die. If sin was repeated without having planned at the time of previous Tawoba, you know what? You will deserve for the mercy of ALLAH. The Tawoba is acceptable but one is for your Tawoba to be accepted in the way that sin is wipeout. The other is for you Tawoba to be accepted and your sin is converted to good deed when will that be when you have changed your life that’s the the condition. And done only good deeds here after, avoid major sins the hereafter. Then you are owed something else because you know once you sin you regret. The feelings of regret is the sign of Eman, sign of belief, when you commit the same sin again, your regret is a little bit less, third time it’s less and fourth, five, six, seven time it become habit and you start enjoying committing the sin and this why you can ask Allah forgiveness and quit knowing that can do it but you not doing for the sake of Allah, Allah says that you deserve that bad deed becomes good deeds why you could have done it but you didn’t  you want to please Allah.


We are struggling for the environment. You know what mean by environment? It is much sexualized environment. Everything if you think around is adverting sex. That’s would it. So, It’s become more difficult even click on hash tags for example Insta gram, you are bound to see something that you don’t really want to see that. So, you do not quickly looking at that you know that it does not meant that first look is yours, you know one of the Shekh in Nigeria when we were there he was giving an example that you see at the phone and if you see something that you do not want to see that, someone says brother look at this, you say what? he says, Astagfirullah, look at that look, look at this, astagfirullah look brother, no no no, What it means you  know that ? you just say Astagfirullah and go to the next page or delete it and put the phone down. You do not keep on looking at that. But it’s my first look only! Look as they say. That is your phone takes it easy and do not show the world. People will forwarded the pornographic and dirty pictures and write the button of password. And what is the password, Astagfirullah.

How can you do that? You did something very bad and you promoted the evil and you said Astagfirullah and you think that is acceptable, no, it is not. May Allah guide us, Amen.

Message to Parents for children marriage

Allah has taught you through Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that when you come to the marriage of your children you have lost the plot. You think it is your child, no it’s Allah’s child.  It’s the just test for you, the child that you think my child, my child, no way. You are fortune that Allah has allowed you to say that, He can take the child away from you now and He wanted He would not even bless you with a child, so do not think my child, tell yourself Amana from Allah, He will take away any time, and will question me that how  I brought this Amana up? And what I did? So, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says,

A Summary of Prophet Mohammad SAW Hadith regarding your child marriage decision

(Meanings) If someone comes to you, wanting to marry and they have proposed to marry your child and two things are descent, If you do not allow to marry then it will be a great fitna and fasad on the earth. You know what it means by fitna and fasad? They will be trials problems, calamity, issues, because you are encouraging to sin. So, what are these two things, “Deen” that means the level of religiousness, the level of closeness to Allah. So, something descent, they do not have to be so pious that got to be Salat Tahajud every day before I accept him, here that you do not need Tahajud yourself. So, stop it. You know they must be totally honest, you lie, I caught you lying so many times, I feel that putting CC TV in my own home just to prove people who lives with me sometimes, you did say, didn’t you? Do it. And say that here it is. And tell them that those Shekh you are a friend of I am going to show them how you operate in the home. They will be so upset. What about the Allah, Allah is watching all the time, you know that what about Allah Almighty? If someone comes to you that Deen is on and Character is ok, they speak you with respect, they ready to give your child respect, they have a sense of responsibility, let the marriage happen. So, someone might say Oh but Hadith speaks about the Kufu. You know what means by Kufu? It means they need to be on similar cultural line, which is mis interpretation of the word. You have not interpreted the Hadith correctly.

You talking of similarities in terms of upbringing, if you brought up in London, you been in similar schools, you have similar upbringing, you know what is happening, and that is Kufu. The color is never an issue. The tribes are not an issue. Bilal was known as RA. What was he? He was black and from Africa, So, Roomi, he was form Rome. He was a white man. They were companions for a reason if Allah wanted they would not be companions but they companions for us to learn a lesson later on to say hang on, hang on. Do not be a racist. Do not be a tribe list. You come from this tribe, do you know a lot of us. Even though we think that we are not racist, we are. Even we think we are not tribe list, wallahi search your heart you think the guys from my village are slightly better than the guys from that village, what village you are talking about. You know the guys form up north are a little bit background form the guys in London, I do not know if you have heard that you know we have got a problem with who come from another area well lie in India there is a river if you from the other side, you are a baddie and if are from this side those people consider you baddie, the same applies in the Philippines if you come from the south you are tell us you are somewhat on another level together why the hadith speaks clearly the verse of the Quran speaks about Adam and Hawwa are being created your forefathers subhanAllah, you are all from the family of Prophet. Do you know that everyone including myself, we are honored be from the family of Prophet which is the question. Allah almighty grant us and understanding because Nuh (AS) is the closest common grandfather whom we know for a fact was our father so are not you from the family of Prophet Nuh (AS) they you are. So, an African comes to marry to your daughter and you happen to be for example Caucasian or Asian and he tells you listen I would like to get married to your daughter for example look at his Deen and his Khuluq and see the interest of your child because in Islam it is prohibited to force to your child to marry whom they do not want to marry. It’s a major sin. Major sin meaning you is going to encourage so many other sins as a result. So, remember this, if someone comes to you and your child has keen interest and they are so keen for it and you happen to look his Deen and Khuluq, you have to by the instructions of Allah’s messenger let it happen, if you do not, you are a racist, you are a tribe list, you are whatever else and you know what you are going to be caught by Allah almighty a lot of struggling, struggling, they went to school with someone they went to uni with someone and so on and so forth later on they came the proper way please come and see my dad and poor fellow come to see the dad and dad says no why your skin tan is 3.3 degree more than mine! I do not know if tans are measured in degrees but I just had to say okay, Degrees because of the heat you know where you come from Africa, normally in Africa you find the hand is very dark the reason is when you drive you know your hands are always burnt. So, they look your hands and say this guy is extremely dark in complexion so one guy says let me open my button see, see okay now Allah forgive us, it is problem, It’s got nothing to do with the skin color that tan I come from Africa, even among the African some time they will tell you a this person a little too dark, hey we are African at the end of the day come on, we all are human beings, someone’s got Deen and Khuluq please let it happen because you are going against Allah and His Rasool no but what are people going to say what are people going to say what is a lot going to say the day what are you going to say the day you dragged into a Hellfire, I do not want to sound like a prophet of doom but for this thing there is a bit of doo coming in your direction, you know what do means it’s a spray. You come across it. Quran says any good deeds in multiplies with ten, do you agree? Is not this a good deed? So, would not you like to multiply three by ten.

Don’t refuse a marriage proposal from a girl’s family?

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