Digital solutions for Muslims of 21st century PBC Times introducing live Prayer Times finder; a substitute to Islamic finder and Muslim pro Namaz oqaat and Salah timings determiner apps.


Need for a well engineered real time user friendly Prayer times app

We live in an era where merely touching of buttons and speaking of commands can do us miracles. Everything we used to believe in has been scattered into bits and pieces. The world we now know is as real as a virtual simulator of life where one controls his or her character and transitions every day matters through various loops and portals. Digital age has led us into a world crafted by software engineers and network designers. People make living while sitting in front of a screen. Information that was once procured through libraries, journals and newspaper, information that made people visit and roam streets, place to place to acquire facts can now be accessible through a device that fits in the palm of a hand. Life has changed, so has the methods of living. (Jenna and Davis, 2003)

Islam and modern living

Current Islamic culture throughout the globe and need of change among old thoughts portraying concepts of practicing religion without technology.

Need of some exact time identifier apps, products, websites and widgets in regards of prayer times identifications.
World’s most fastest growing religion
largest religion in the world

Though we accept that life has evolved, people have mutated into complicated thinking and contemplating machines, yet there are things that remain static throughout life and death. One such thing can be traced in one’s culture. Culture is not a thing that we follow, but a believe system that arose from art and history. Islam got a big portion of culture that believers are carrying generations by generations. Islam is the first fastest growing religion among religion wise population in world. Not to mention that Islam is the 2nd most believed religion after Christianity.

Muslim Population

There are about 2.1 billion Muslims as of 2012 world census. The number may vary or be it debatable but one thing is for sure, Islam is a global religion that can be identified in any bigger or smaller country throughout all continents and oceans. The question is, how does Islam and its tenants survive in this modern day and age? When every news channel, every program, health informer and schedule setter has been digitized and works as 1s and 0s on every handheld, home fitted, car-oriented devices, how would Muslims in general benefit from these new innovations and feisty technologies? The answer is simple and modest, like many of today’s religious scholars and learned individuals that have opted to propagate religion through internet media such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and many others. One can easily design a simple enough program that can identify location of the carrier, provide him or her with prayer timings and make his spiritual side of easy and on-going for him to accommodate his or her busy schedule. (Ray et al, 2004)

How it works

Like most other application and software that use internet, GPS and location services to identify one’s physical space and time zone, a simple enough solution can be adopted to establish an Islamic application that would merge itself with local timings of the desired country and place along with concerned member’s association to verify the accuracy of the said software that would in return notify the user on each intervals of prayer time to acknowledge him or her of ongoing Azaan (hymn of faith in Islam), so that he/she may receive timings of prayers, fast breaking moments and important Islamic events. This way, a scheduled application would be highly helpful to people who are on the go, far from homes and mosques, in different states and countries where Azaan cannot be heard in most of the place and this way be kept connected to the world on Islam. In short, an application made for the religious sanction and obligations of Muslims. It is by all means a very simple solution that exists in many others forms duly practical in today’s life. (Hunter, 1999)

American societies practicing technology for their religious enhancements

While it may be our solution and comfort but let us now reach out to near history and find much related evidence to support this venture in view of much more practical examples. There are more than 526 applications in the USA today running in full functionality that was designed to notify people belonging from different churches where they are Catholics or Protestants, to acknowledge them of Sunday prayers, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Hanukah, Thanksgiving and birth and crucifixion of Christ. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other small communities that promote their own well-being and propagation through these types of application and software. This further strengthens our case of the feasibility and practicality of the said application. With that being said, a multitude of offices and corporations create their own database to identify its permanent members so that they stay in touch for important symposiums, interventions and conventions. (Gill and Jeffery, 2000)

A free of cost platform

As it is firmly clear that the internet is the cheapest form of media with high reliability and ease of access, it is no surprise that an application that is so simple and intuitive would be available free of cost on all platforms and would amount to a 15mb storage unit which is easily a file even smaller than high-resolution picture or audio file. With all said and done, not only this application would benefit users all around the world from Muslim community but it costs nothing and holds a fraction of space on your computer or any other devices plus it would base its existence in cloud storage so that any device you sign in from you receive identical information thus making it a cross-platform application. (Metha and Neeraj, 2007).

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In the ending section, it should be mentioned that solution such as this have been around since the turn of this century, it is not a cutting-edge idea nor an original one but in all fairness a one with extreme utility. The focused market has no demographic limits nor and physical barriers. This solution is for younger, adults, middle-aged and even the elderly especially the elderly who seldom hear Azaan and have problems relation sensory health. So as long as these peaceful solutions exist, so will the communities and Samaritans would too.


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