Muharram 2016 Procession today in Kashmir

Muharram 2016, procession of Ashura in Kashmir, the indian occupied geographic area, millions of folks were battle-scarred once Indian troops used brute force on Muharram 2016 mourners and anti-India demonstrations in Srinagar, Pulwama and alternative areas of the territory.
The puppet authorities continuing to impose curfew and alternative restrictions in Srinagar and alternative areas, today, thanks to that Muharram procession couldn’t be taken enter several areas of the occupied territory.
Despite curfew, folks took out a Muharram procession from Shamaswari Khanqah in Srinagar. Moreover the Muharram 2016 procession along with Indian forces resorted to teargas bombardment to stop mourners from moving ahead. However, the procession managed to achieve its destination at Haba Kadal despite serious teargas bombardment.
Hurriyet leader, Masroor Abbas Ansari self-addressed the mourners WHO musical slogans like ‘We need freedom’ and ‘Shia-Sunni bhai bhai’.

Indian troops and police personnel subjected the Muharram 2016 mourners to brute force in Badgam additionally. Senior Hurriyet leaders, title Syed Hassan Al-Moosvi Al-Safvi and Maulana Abbas Ansari couldn’t lead the Muharram 2016 processions as they were dose confinement for the last 3 months.

Kashmiri mourners shout spiritual and pro-freedom slogans as Indian policemen stop them from taking part during a Muharram procession throughout curfew in Srinagar.

Normal life remained affected within the geographic region natural depression on the 96th consecutive day, today, attributable to the closure against the civilian killings by Indian police and troops. Worry gripped the muslim population Kishtwar city in Jammu region because the employees of extremist organization, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Considering (this), extremist organization took out the rally all along the city. Hurriyet leaders have powerfully condemned Indian government’s ban on Muharram processions. More than one hundred folks have died and thousands wounded attributable to Indian atrocities within the strife-torn natural depression.

Muharram 2016, today festival in india

Muharram 2016, today festival in india was held in a peaceful manner. Additionally, muharram tazia in india announced as bank holiday 2016. In fact, muharram 2016 wishes were spreaded all among the muslim shias, by their hindu neighbours, on today festival in india.

Difference of Muharram festival in Kashmir and india

With regards to (this), a Shia boy in delhi when asked about Muharram 2016, today festival in india. Answered “why their is that much difference of Muharram festival in Kashmir and india”. Muharram 2016 festival their in Kashmir was just like 10 Muharram incident of Karbala. But today festival in india was easy for us. Moreover the boy was truly hurted on Muharram procession at kashmir where Indian troops used brute force on Muharram mourners.

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