Mickie james total divas will be having a full-time contract with WWE for upcoming Smackdown brand

Former Women’s Champion and WWE Wild card entry Mickie james total divas is in for the upcoming smackdown brand ring next month.

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At first the WWE news announced that WWE Smackdown brand is contracting Mickie james total divas. Moreover upcoming Smackdown brand benefits Mickie james total divas with a full-time contract for WWE brand. Consequently, Mickie james total divas will start appearing on television next month. PWInsider is the source of WWE news announcement of WWE Wild card entry Mickie James to start appearing on television next month. Perpetually, Mickie james total divas will be competing on Smackdown brand ring next month.

Only days after Mickie James wild card entry, a full-time contract to return to WWE, PWInsider is reporting that the deal is final. Moreover, James start appearing on television, eventually next month and to compete on the Smackdown brand. PWInsider has also stated that the contract is for three years.

Mickie james total divas return comes hot on the heels of her NXT TakeOver:

Toronto match against Asuka for the brand’s Women’s Championship. Her return has been taken by in October by NXT General Manager William Regal.  William regal is a person who undertakes her as an opponent for “The Empress of Tomorrow.” James will subsequently make her first WWE TV appearance in more than six years in order to hype the bout.

Mickie james total divas will be in ring tonight after 6 years

James’s first run with the company lasts from 2003 to 2010. Identically, Mickie james saw her capture five Women’s Championships and one Divas’ Title. Her tenure on the promotion’s main roster was ruin by some infamous angles. Identically, Mickie james is in company as Trish Stratus’s number one fan. Similarly this is why she eventually gets dirty and show sexual obsessions partnering Stratus.

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