Honolulu Travel Guide For Your Vacations in Hawaii

Honolulu, on the island of Oahu’s south shore, is capital of Hawaii and gateway to the U.S. island chain. The Waikiki neighborhood is its center for dining, nightlife and shopping, famed for its iconic crescent beach backed by palms and high-rise hotels, with volcanic Diamond Head crater looming in the distance. Sites relating to the World War II attack on Pearl Harbor include the USS Arizona Memorial.

Honolulu Time to plan a trip from New York, USA to Huwaii:

From surfing waves to sunbathing, exploring volcanoes and visiting Pearl Harbour, Hawaii’s capital Honolulu has it all.

Located on Oahu Island, Honolulu is Hawaii’s state capital and its best-known resort destination. Blessed with long days of sunshine, it is a great place to go and while away the hours on the beach. Don your floral shirt, wrap a colourful lei around your neck, get yourself a cocktail and immerse yourself in the sunny, harmonious atmosphere.

King Kamehameha Statue

A visit to this famous Honolulu landmark with a captivating history puts you right in the center of the action, with must-see sights every way you turn. 

Get an idea for a fun loving time you haven’t sent in some past stages of your life; have a look for:

Waikiki Beach

Eternity Beach

Halona Beach

Kapiolani ParkHonolulu Zoo

Diamond Head volcano

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

As soon as you arrive and see the sunshine, you will definitely want to go straight to Waikiki Beach. One of the world’s most famous beaches, here you can join the surfers and swimmers in the turquoise waters. Or you can visit Kapiolani Park, home to the Honolulu Zoo as well as the extinct Diamond Head volcano. If you want to try your hand at snorkeling, pay a visit to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve or Halona Beach, known to visitors as Eternity Beach.

Disscounts for snorkeling at Honoula

Pay lowest fair for snorkeling at Honolula, Hanauma Bay Natural beach or at Honolula’s Most gorgeous water life place at Eternity Beach.

Packages includes low fare discounted fairs for resorts near paradise type beaches at Honolulu:

You can enjoy fish salad type of tasty local sea food at very reasonable mean time cost at a real beach in Honolulu.

Poking sea life around you is not allowed, as all beautiful linger beach places carry a sign board HONOLULU TIME  of watching not touching “Humor”
 A team of un-uniformed sea guards that are noting you timely.

As well as being a paradise resort for visitors who flock here from all over the world, Honolulu is a key town where most of Hawaii’s citizens reside. This is predominantly an Asian town, and you’ll see this in the food on offer in the local restaurants. Try one of their traditional dishes such as “laulau”, pork wrapped in taro leaves, or “poke”, a raw fish salad.

Honolulu beauty of downtown area

In the downtown area, you’ll find temples, nightlife and plenty of charming shops. The Aloha Tower is a renowned icon of Honolulu, where you can sit in the cafes and enjoy the stunning views out across the bay. At the Ala Moana Center, meanwhile, you’ll find some splendid outdoor market stalls to explore. The town is also home to a royal palace, where you can find out more about the island’s Polynesian heritage.

Visit Pearl Harbor

Make sure you visit Pearl Harbor, where you can still see the USS Arizona Memorial by the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum, and find out more about the history of one of the Second World War’s most pivotal moments.

Honolulu time to experience most famous attractions of Huwaii

Hawaii is the southernmost state in the U.S., and Honolulu is home to some of its most famous attractions. It’s a busy place, famous for its traffic jams, so getting around cheaply and quickly on buses and trolleys is a smart move. That way you can explore the culture, enjoy the natural beauty and make the most of the climate when you visit.

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