Sheikh rasheed, seen on commitee chowk while doing the publicity of his upcoming action film Dhoom 4.

Mr. rasheed openly announced the release of his latest action film Dhoom 4 on 2nd November. Action film hero from Pakistan Politics industry revealed his upcoming cast in an Action movie of sports genre. Subsequently, the cast of Mr. rasheed was announced today on 28th october, on a trailer premier at committee chowk rawalpindi.

Dhoom 4 a speedy biking film featuring sheikh rasheed on 2nd November.

Sheikh rasheed reached committe chowk rawalpindi as per his promise. Camera Witnessed Sheikh rasheed on a Honda Cd 70 bike with a friend accelerating it in the streets of Rawalpindi.

Some twitter posts are trending,

“Dhoom4 Cast Sheikh Rasheed”

Sheikh rasheed previously promised of a protest to be held on Friday 28th at commette chowk Rawalpindi.

Sheikh Rasheed’s Great Escape and Twitter’s Top Trend.

Yes, you heard it right.Sheikh Rasheed has once again made it to the headlines and this time not just because of his heroic dialogues but with his heroic entry at the Committee Chowk.Earlier today AML Chairman had exclaimed to tear Article 144 into 144 pieces, if he and his supporters are stopped at any point.

Dhoom4 Cast Sheikh Rasheed (Satire)

Dhoom4 Cast Sheikh Rasheed

Some Funny tweets trending #Dhoom4castSheikhRasheed on twitter.

Sheikh Rasheed breaking the internet. Crashing twitter.

Sheikh rasheed tweeted

Sheikh Rasheed breaking the internet. Crashing twitter.

Teacher where do you want to see yourself in the coming three years Me: like Sheikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed didn’t choose the thug life,the thug life chose him. He has stolen the thunder

Moreover, fans of sheikh rasheed are really exited about the release of the film Dhoom4 cast Sheikh rasheed on 2nd november.


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