Digital solutions for Muslims of 21st century PBC Times introducing live Prayer Times finder; a substitute to Islamic finder and Muslim pro Namaz oqaat and Salah timings determiner apps. Introduction: Need for a well engineered real time user friendly Prayer times...
1:19 AM IST wishes the world eidmubarak 1:14 AM IST Full list of countries celebrating Eid on Sunday. eidmubarak 1:13 AM IST When are Muslim Countries Celebrating Eid ul Fitar 2017  Eid al-Fitr celebration exact final Date Day and Month Afghanistan Country announces...
Zakat Calculator Islam is 2nd biggest religion of the world and Muslims are approx. 23 % of the population of the world. Recently the survey is conducted and found that Islam is the only religion that is spreading all over...

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blog post to sell a merchants product

Is it necessary to add a blog post to sell a merchants product

A Question asked on Quora, Is it necessary to add a blog post to sell a merchants product: Well yes, you must have to add...
Most Educated Candidate of Pakistan Election 2018

Most Educated Political Candidate of Pakistan Election 2018

Pakistan Election 2018 In Pakistan political activities are on at its peak where every political candidate is supposed to grab their voters attention with same old lame promises. Among all old fake faces our team have spotted some new faces that holds a very deep relation to real politics having their academics in Political Science and International relations.
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