Booker T Wrestler

The aggressive personality known as booker T become 11th time WCW Tag Team Champion, and six time World Champion winner of the 2006. The great king of the Ring Tournament awith responsible for popular word Sucka and sports entertainment. He also bears to distinction of holding WCW World Heavyweight Championship become to promotion folded in 2001. Few time ago he moment stepped into the WWE ring and Booker T Spinaroonie in this way Superstardom tangling with a wrestler of squared circle with name of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker, John Cena and many others. He is become In 2001 as a member of The Alliance and he fight with Stone Cold the Undisputed WWE Championship. And he become In 2002 as a tag partner with Goldust and he launched one of the most funny tandems in WWE history. He known as in 2006 as King Booker he delivered considered the best faux British accent with Kevin Costner, and turn as the Prince of Thieves in Robin Hood.

Booker T Net worth: $5 million
Income source: wrestling
Real name: Booker T. Huffman Jr.
nationality: American
Height: 1.91 m
Weight: 113.4 kg

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