Is it necessary to add a blog post to sell a merchants product

blog post to sell a merchants product

A Question asked on Quora, Is it necessary to add a blog post to sell a merchants product:

Well yes, you must have to add a blog post to sell a merchants product. Not to mention, here the word blog post is meant to be content; so if you look at the bigger picture in 2018 a marketer can simply sell nothing without any contact. Content in terms of billboards pictures movies script dialogues songs reviews news digest theories concept to me its all content, simply.

Content is the king:

You must have heard about this praise if you are in blogging since the last couple of years; indeed it won’t be long if I say that this term content is King, is in market since last two decades. Every single thing that a marketers sells, hold bulk of constant behind it. Content type might differ but I bet that no one can simply get me a single product in 2018 that has been sold without having any content with it.
We see manuals around us, review videos on YouTube and search classified directories to post free ads what is it all about; this is all content. Words, sentences, phrases, dialogues, posts, ads, clips, gifs, trends and etc. This all is just meant to sell things, at it’s initial stages we know this all as “Affiliate Marketing” and on broader scale this is what we call “Branding”.

Now how content can Brand you?

You all must know about the smaller picture so let’s talk about the real big picture. So what hype does the content creates within a number of targeted users? It simply shapes their minds. Yes this is how various types of content creates trends that in result shapes brands.

They just catch your attention towards the product and that can be only happen through various types of contents.

Most Educated Political Candidate of Pakistan Election 2018

Most Educated Candidate of Pakistan Election 2018

Pakistan Election 2018

In Pakistan political activities are on at its peak where every political candidate is supposed to grab their voters attention with same old lame promises. Among all old fake faces our team have spotted some new faces that holds a very deep relation to real politics having their academics in Political Science where they have spend their past life in contributing countries educational standards up-wheeling.

Most Educated Political Candidate of Pakistan Election 2018 is from Baluchistan:

Most amazing among them is from Baluchistan, would you believe it?

Muzamil Shah, student of PHD in international relations is campaigning for his way towards Baluchistan Provincial Assembly.

Muzamil Shah Political Candidate Running for Baluchistan’s Provincial Assembly Seat of Ziarat Kum Harnai PB-6 is the most educated candidate running for Pakistan Election 2018:

Be it in mind that “Muzamil Shah” is not only the most educated candidate among all 16 other candidates of Ziarat Harnai PB-6 but he is till now the far most educated political candidate among all other entities running for “Baluchistan Provincial Assembly”.
Muzamil has done his graduation in “Management Sciences”, Mphill in IR and now he is the student of PHD in International Relations.

Revolutionist and Hungry for his Nation’s Educational Standards.

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What is a Hidden File?

What is a Hidden File

What is a Hidden File in Computer?

How to hide and unhide important files:

The Hidden file is a file with the hidden attribute being turned on. The File or folder with this attribute turned on is invisible. Hidden files and folders can not seen without allowing it.

Computers using Windows operating system are configured to hide the system and hidden files.

Main reason of hiding the files or folders is because there are many system and operating system files. The System files should not be modified, they are important files of operating system.

How to hide or unhide the hidden files in Windows

Sometimes you may need to see the hidden files. You need to show hidden files when you are upgrading software; not to mention that, to upgrade some software your hidden system files must be open for vewing. It is normal to interact with the hidden files.

Moreover, common hidden file in windows operating systems are pagefile.sys. Other hidden system folders in windows system files is ProgramData. In previous old windows, commonly hidden files includes msdos.sys, io.sys and boot.ini.

It is an easy task to configure windows to either show, or hide, every hidden file. You just have to select or deselect show hidden files, folders, and driver from folder options. You can see our How to Show or Hide Hidden Files in Windows tutorial.

Note : It is necessary to keep the hidden files hidden.

If you really need to unhide the hidden files for any reason. It is necessary to hide them again after you get your purpose of unhiding.

You can also use a free file search tool like Everything. it is another way to view the hidden files and folders. Through this route you will not need to make any changes in the settings of windows. You also will not be able to see the hidden items in a regular windows explorer.

How You can hide files and folders in windows

If you need to hide a file just right click on the file and choose properties. By checking the box next to hidden in the attributes section of the general tab.Click on viewClick on Folder OptionsClick Viewclick here to show hidden files

Attributes for normal and hidden files in windows:

When you have configured hidden files to show, you will see that the icon of hidden file is a bit lighter than the non hidden files.Normal File vs Hidden File

The same can be done for hiding a folder via properties menu except that you have to confirm the attribute. You should change by applying change to that folder or subfolders and files.

You will have to choose a folder for hiding it. The sub folders or files wont hide the actual files contained. There are options to hide both the folder and files inside the subfolder.

Moreover, you should follow the same steps for showing the files and folder. If you are unhiding a folder full of hidden files and you choose to turn off the hidden attribute. It will be for specified folder only while the files or folders inside will remain hidden.

Note: On a Mac ios you can quickly hide folders with the chflags hidden/path/to/file-or-folder command in Terminal. You can replace hidden with no hidden to unhide the folder or file.

Important things to remember about Hidden files

An encryption tool or full disk encryption program is the way to hide the files. A person can not see the hidden files under normal circumstances. This does not means that the hidden files take disk space. It means that you can hide the files to reduce visible files but it will take room on hard drive.

Un hide hidden files with CMD in Windows:

Using the dir command from the command-line in Windows. Not to mention that you can also un-hide hidden files just with using CMD on windows; use following command to show all hidden files in your C drive.

dir /a:hd C:\folder\

Moreover, some Antivirus software may prevents you from changing the attributes of critical hidden system files. Whenever, you are having trouble toggling a file on or off try to temporarily disable the antivirus it may resolve the problem.

Few software are used as third-party software (like My Lockbox) can hide files and folders. You have to set the Password use it to unlock the software to show the files.

Write interesting content without plagiarism.

How to write interesting content without plagiarism

Interested in writing eye catching plagiarism free content for your blog?

I don’t literally know what this word plagiarism is about when some one really wants to write. I mean, one must have to be very clear for their purpose of writing.

Are you writing it for clearing some examination paper? or you really mean to provide some informative stuff that helps your reader in creating some more valuable insights regarding the subject.

Yes, exactly your purpose for running a science blog is to enhance your reader’s knowledge regarding current trending innovations and creations in science.

Following are some simple steps to get your readers interesting stuff to read:


  1. Explore new topics
  2. Study more relevant material
  3. Catch up with the very basics of that topic
  4. Try to read different authors to that subject
  5. If possible explore more subject related scholarly articles


  1. Now start writing all your findings that you pulled out from Phase 1
  2. Never try to replicate author’s exact type of sentences, indeed write it as if it was your own findings. This will simply add creativity in your writing.
  3. Try to explain complex situation with more relevant examples that helps your readers understand difficult topics with more ease.
  4. Pull out all boring details from the topic while adding subject related info-graphics that delivers a more clear picture.
  5. Last but not the least try to be precise, as lengthy blog posts with less graphical representations are considered annoying for most of readers.
Productive writing Software for new writers:

If you can’t write enough try using “Speech to text Converter” by Speech Notes this will for sure add some productivity in your writing habits.

Speech notes is a powerful speech-enabled online notepad, designed to empower your ideas by implementing a clean & efficient design, so you can focus on your thoughts.

Netflix Creator: Learn How to Replicate Netflix

Netflix Creator

Netflix Creator don’t want you to know this; Yes it’s very easy to replicate Netflix.

Following are the ways by which you can create a Netflix clone:

  1. Purchase a developed Script: Purchase a ready made Netflix Clone PHP script called Videoflix – Tv Series Movie Subscription Portal Cms from CodeCanyon Cost: $44

  2. Get an Udemy Course to learn developing Netflix Clone: Make your own Netflix clone website, where you can share movies,Tv series with all Netflix features. Cost: $20

  3. Purchase my Fiverr gig: Get me on Fiverr and purchase my netflix creator where i will create Movies streaming website Netflix Clone. Cost: $10

Netflix Clone Netflix Replica

Following are the Fiverr Netflix Creator Clone Script’s Details:

In this gig you will be having a movies website with having exact same features as Netflix got. You can simply add movies of your choices with streaming and charge your customers for premium subscription.
Not only this you can integrate your Paypal and stripe account within my script to get money directly out of your customers pocket.
Simple and clean movies website script just like Netflix.

The Movies Website comes with:

  • Admin Panel
  • Add genre
  • Add actors
  • Add movies
  • Add Tv series
  • Add payment integration.

FRANCE 24 Live


Watch France 24 live:

France 24 live is an English news channel that broadcast live from Paris, France. Secondly, France news provides latest international issues live streaming along with better news content on their website France 24.

As per France 24 news about us page, the news channel comprises of 3 broadcasting news TV channels. Moreover, these three news channels broadcast international and domestic news from France in following three different languages:

  • French
  • Arabic
  • English

Not to mention that all three news broadcasting channels by France 24 carry same mission; to provide quality news with best of global Public services along with a common editorial stance. Besides broadcasting news channels karma France 24’s website also comprises of above mentioned free international languages.

Media Coverage:

As an illustration, France 24 broadcasts 24 hours a day while covering 250 million news views in 177 countries throughout the globe. Other than this to ensure non stop broadcasting news services France 27 managed a very good broadcasting distribution strategy with it’s distributors.

News casting distribution channels:

Specifically, France 24 in on the top of list among country’s top non stop new news broadcast broadcasting services; Where 71 million news viewers get entertain with the help of several short term and part time broadcasting distribution partners. Moreover, all broadcasting agreements ensures the fabulous non stop news casting for more than 250 million news viewers around globe. All together, several distribution agreements with national news broadcasters provides them 19 satellites to capture their target audience. The media channel managed it’s direct satellite reputation with 700 different media distributors having paid contracts with France 24 news.

Media launches:

France24.com started it’s exclusive worldwide internet website on 5th of December 2006 on the very next day December 6th 2006 they started their French and English media broadcasting for over 18 million interview. On 2nd of April 2007 France 24 media group launch in Arabic news broadcast. On Feb 2009 france24.com entitled with the with the world’s first free subscription media group broadcasting freely on iPhones.



The Royal Wedding 2018: Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle


You’re invited to the Royal Wedding! LIVE streaming coverage will happen right here at 6:30 am Eastern on Saturday May 19, 2018 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement is almost over: the couple is due to marry this month at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. There’s a tight guest list for the May 19 ceremony — just 600 people were invited to the service, Kensington Palace announced in March. Markle, however, won’t have a maid of honor. “She has a very close-knit circle of friends and she didn’t want to choose one over another,” Kensington Palace told E!. “All have been actively involved in helping her prepare for the day and will be there in the days beforehand. She’s very happy to have their support.” Kensington Palace revealed May 16 the bridesmaids will be Princess Charlotte, 3, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and Harry’s godchildren, Florence van Cutsem, 3, and Zalie Warren, 2. Meghan’s goddaughters Remi Litt, 6, and Rylan Litt, 7, will join her close friend’s daughter, Ivy Mulroney, 4, as part of the bridal party. The page boys will be William and Kate’s son Prince George, 4, and the children of Meghan’s best friend and unofficial wedding planner Jessica Mulroney — twins Brian and John Mulroney, who are 7. Prince Harry’s godson Jasper Dyer, 6, will also serve as page boy.

Rent to Own Homes

Rent to Own Homes

Why Rent to Own Homes is a best housing solution in America?

How real estates house selling deals are carried out in USA

In US real estate business a normal home purchase deal closes right after the offer is accepted and the payment has been made. Not to mention that, prices of homes in USA are too high; there for most of the real estate buying deals are carried out on house mortgage finance. Since most consumers don’t have the money to pay, a mortgage is carried out to finance the house acquisition. The customer puts down an explicit share of the acquisition worth (the down payment), then pays the loaner in regular installments over a amount till the balance is paid off.

Here in USA to qualify for a home mortgage, potential consumers ought to have a decent credit record; meanwhile a good credit score backed by cash in hand for mortgage down payment will buy you a house. Not to mention that, without these requirements there are less possibilities of you owning a house in US.

Alternate to house mortgage

Surprisingly, there’s an alternate solution as well; with rent to own homes you can own a house without having a well managed credit background.

What is rent-to-own house?Rent to Own Homes

With a rent-to-own homes agreement, a client agrees to rent the house for a defined limit of time before purchasing it. The down payment is made for the property, and buyer owes a choice to purchase the property once or before the lease expires. If buyer disagree to buy that house till the ending time for lease; in such case the down payment for lease is considered to be the rental amount by the buyer. In case if the buyer agree to buy the house than the leased amount would consider as down payment for purchase.

Advantages of Rent to Own House:

The advantage of a rent to have agreement is that it offers the client an opportunity to “try out” the house with no obligation to get whereas more and more turning your rent into a deposit. you’ll be able to get to understand your neighborhood whereas building a history of payments up your credit rating and conjointly your probabilities to qualify for a standard mortgage.

How to Play Free Online Movies

Watch HD Movies Online Free

How to Play Free Online Movies non stop adds free streaming:

Star Onboarding Title Page (1)

Watch online Top Tangled Movies:

    • TangledTangled

Full story of “Rapunzel” and “Flynn Rider”

Tangled is based on the story of a state’s most wanted charming-bandit Flynn Rider; partnering Rapunzel the “gorgeous feisty tower-bound teen with tremendous 70 feet long blonde hairs. To Flynn Rider, the tower was empty and unexpectedly caught as a hostage by “70 feet long haired beauty Queen Rapunzel”.

The 2 sided Escape DealTangled Movie

Well here not to mention that, Rapunzel had a wish to see the outer world. Dramatically, they got in a deal where the “Charming Bandit” was meant to show her the way out; on other hand the “Blonde little princess” was supposed to provide him that stolen crown of state’s real “Little princess”.
Action-packed escapade, complete with a super-cop horse, Associate in Nursing over-protective chameleon and a gruff gang of pot house thugs.
Watch Tangled HD Movies Online Free

    • Tangled: Before Ever AfterTangled Before Ever After

Rapunzel grapples with the responsibilities of being a princess and the overprotective ways of her father. While she wholeheartedly loves Eugene, Rapunzel does not share his immediate desire to get married and settle down within the castle walls. Determined to live life on her own terms, she and her tough-as-nails Lady-in-Waiting Cassandra embark on a secret adventure where they encounter mystical rocks that magically cause Rapunzel’s long blonde hair to grow back. Impossible to break and difficult to hide, Rapunzel must learn to embrace her hair and all that it represents.Watch Tangled Before Even After
Watch Tangled Before Ever After

    • Tangled Ever AfterTangled Ever After

The kingdom is in a festive mood as everyone gathers for the royal wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn. However, when Pascal and Maximus, as flower chameleon and ring bearer, respectively, lose the gold bands, a frenzied search and recovery mission gets underway. As the desperate duo tries to find the rings before anyone discovers that they’re missing, they leave behind a trail of comical chaos that includes flying lanterns, a flock of doves, a wine barrel barricade and a very sticky finale. Will Maximus and Pascal save the day and make it to the church in time? And will they ever get Flynn’s nose right?Tangled Ever AfterWatch Tangled Ever After

  • A Witch’s Tangled HareA Witch’s Tangled Hare

Bunny’s- or rather Bugs- is an important ingredient in Witch Hazel’s brew. All the while, William Shakespeare is watching them, looking for new dialog.
Watch Online A Witch’s Tangled HareWatch A Witch’s Tangled Hare

How to Fly Tornado GR1 and F2/F3 with the RAF


Tony Paxton chats about flying the Tornado GR1 and F2/F3 with the RAF and the differences between both fighter planes.

Sky News – Live


What are the lessons people learn too late in life?

lessons people learn too late in life

10 lessons people learn too late in life

  1. Hustle is the antidote to fear
  2. Simple is good
  3. You can go fast alone, but you go further together
  4. Sacrificing your health to pursue wealth isn’t worth it
  5. Worrying is not a good use of energy
  6. Work can be fun
  7. Happiness is a state of mind, not a destination
  8. Things that are worthwhile often take time
  9. Awesomeness is contagious
  10. You are the CEO of your life

How to Signup Vine.co

How to Signup Vine.co
How to Signup Vine.co

How to Sign Up Vine.co on a Desktop Computer:

I am very unhappy to tell you guys that we can’t really sign up vine.co on PC because it’s a Cell Phone or Tablet app and is not available in the desktop PC version. Don’t be that sad, there is a way to install Android apps on PC through BlueStacks, a player to run Android applications on PC.

USE Bluestacks to Sign Up Vine.co on PC:

Download Bluestacks to signup vine.co on a desktop computer as the video website is only for mobile phones and tablet devices. Here Bluestacks pc client will gonna help you out to install android based applications run on a computer.

How To Set Up A Vine Account:

This video shows you how to set up a Vine Account using an Apple iPhone. You can download the Vine app from the Apple AppStore, Google Play or Amazon.

What is Smart Speaker – Home theater echo systems guide

Smart speaker homepod white shelf

What is Smart Speaker

What is Smart Speaker
What is Smart Speaker

A smart speaker could be a device that may not solely play your favorite music, however, will offer answers from verbally introduced queries. This intelligent device will even manage components of your home via an integral “home assistant” that features a wise speaker. This intellectual electronic home device greatly expands the tendency of your music robot to ordinarily thinks to be more of a music playback system.

The smart echo speaker means that a wise speaker will function a central data supply (weather, dictionary, traffic, directions, etc…), it will be like a home assistant that may offer management of common tasks like lighting, door locks, window shades, security observance, and much much more.

Smart Speaker Core Features

Smart Speaker Core Features
Smart Speaker Core Features

Although there are no official industry standards on what qualifies a product as a smart speaker, the label is being applied to audio interface USB that incorporate the following core features.

  • Compact Size – Up until today, a smart speaker has needed to be compact, so that it could be placed anywhere around the house. The echo speaker is basically portable speakers which allow you to place it anywhere in the house. They can be placed on the nightstand, a kitchen counter, on a bookshelf or any suitable place in the house. We expect Echo smart speaker to be offered in a variety of sizes from small to large according to the demand of consumers.
  • Music playback – They are wireless smart speakers which can play back music like any other
    Sound Control
    Sound Control

    wireless speakers, but they aren’t designed in exactly the same way like other speakers but also contain Sonos system. The smart home speakers can also be connected to your Personal Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone through a Bluetooth device. The smart Bluetooth speaker can be connected to a stereo house speaker receiver, these are self-contained speakers with battery bank build inside the Smart Speakers. The echo speaker can also be activated through voice recognition and known as voice activated speaker. Therefore they are known to be the best wireless speakers.

    best wireless speaker with base at it's peak
    best wireless speaker with a base at its peak

    One can place multiple / same brand (i.e. apple speaker, boss, A4tech or any other brand) around the house. Multiple speakers can be installed around in each room and can be connected wirelessly. Wireless multi-room audio systems can operate it such as Soundcloud, MP3 Maza, HEOS, and others.

  • Internet – A smart speaker can connect to the internet via your Wi-Fi and echo Bluetooth home network. It is a smart speaker system it requires the use of a smartphone or PC, which downloads a specific app that guides you through the setup process.
  • Music Streaming – As a result of network/internet connectivity smart speakers have the ability to stream music from specific online sources supported by the specific brand/model.
  • Bluetooth (optional) – In addition to internet connectivity, a smart speaker may also provide Bluetooth support.The echo device allows you to stream music directly from compatible smartphones and tablets (without depending on your Wi-Fi network). As indicated, Bluetooth support on smart speakers is optional, but it is included with Google Home and Amazon Echo. In fact, you can stream music playing on an Amazon Echo to additional external Bluetooth speakers.
  • Voice Control
    Sound Control
    Sound Control

    – A smart speaker has one (or more) built-in microphones, that allow you speak commands that the speaker will follow (based on its functionality). So, thanks to its internet connection, you can get the temperature, forecast, raise the volume, etc. This google echo device can recognize any song Online through Internet and Play the song.

  • Home Assistant – In addition to voice recognition and control, smart echo speaker has built-in functions for a home assistant. Its main features include access local radio or walkie talkie system, Television, heat detector, lighting detector, audio book reader, language translator, online shopping, and hands-free calling. The above-mentioned features are added according to the manufacturer and consumer demand. Few Features requires upgrading firmware. Some also need to install the application from store to get access to the special feature available for the device. Google Home and Amazon Echo can work with third parties like apple speakers and some control devices. When you have the desire to purchase smart and portable speakers then buy it with maximum features to enjoy it.

Why You May Want a Smart Speaker

 Want a Smart Speaker
Want a smart speaker

Why you should buy smart wireless speaker in today’s world

  • Flexible Music Listening – It can replace your wall clock, music system, mobile phone music and you can listen to the music through a smart Bluetooth speaker in every room.
  • Convenience – It can be placed anywhere around the house. The main convenience of smart speakers is that it will provide weather update, room temperature, date and time, wireless music in every corner of the house. It is easy to take it anywhere you want.
  • Interaction With Other Devices – It can be connected with any device like PC, Laptop, Mobile depending upon the model of the speakers and software installed in it. The software and firmware can be upgraded with time and when needed.
  • Sound Quality
    Sound quality
    Sound quality

    The Latest Smart Speaker consists of many more qualities and the Speaker quality is very fine and smooth for the listeners. It can be controlled through equalizer in the software.

Why You Might Not Want A Smart Speaker

  • Your Speaker Is Listening! It will be listening to your voice and will take the command to implement what you need to hear.
  • Talking To An Electronic Device Many devices can be made to take the order but very few which includes smart speaker is there to reply back or answer the person.
  • The Money Pit  It is hard to satisfy any customer with the product if it is expensive. The manufacturers with their Engineering team are working day and night to control the cost effect. They have come to conclusion and made it inexpensive for the end-user.
  • Buy Smart Speaker and Listen Music
    Buy Smart Speaker and Listen to Music

    You Only Want To Listen To Music– If Music is your priority and you need to hear music to install the multi pod in every room and listen to the music. It can perform any task that you need.

  • Smartphone and Smart TV vs Smart Speaker – A smart speaker can interact with every device available in any household. They can be synchronized or attached through an app with different smart TV and any smart phone. It can be connected to any Home Theater in the house through software interfacing.

The Bottom Line

The availability of smart wireless speakers provide the end-user many benefits. They can listen to music anywhere they want and set an alarm clock for the morning. They can check temperature and weather updates. Smart Speakers is like an assistant which can provide any detail needed through the Internet. They can be used and synced with a home security system as well for the security of the house.

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Is it necessary to add a blog post to sell a merchants product

A Question asked on Quora, Is it necessary to add a blog post to sell a merchants product: Well yes, you must have to add...
Most Educated Candidate of Pakistan Election 2018

Most Educated Political Candidate of Pakistan Election 2018

Pakistan Election 2018 In Pakistan political activities are on at its peak where every political candidate is supposed to grab their voters attention with same old lame promises. Among all old fake faces our team have spotted some new faces that holds a very deep relation to real politics having their academics in Political Science and International relations.
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