A Question asked on Quora, Is it necessary to add a blog post to sell a merchants product:

Well yes, you must have to add a blog post to sell a merchants product. Not to mention, here the word blog post is meant to be content; so if you look at the bigger picture in 2018 a marketer can simply sell nothing without any contact. Content in terms of billboards pictures movies script dialogues songs reviews news digest theories concept to me its all content, simply.

Content is the king:

You must have heard about this praise if you are in blogging since the last couple of years; indeed it won’t be long if I say that this term content is King, is in market since last two decades. Every single thing that a marketers sells, hold bulk of constant behind it. Content type might differ but I bet that no one can simply get me a single product in 2018 that has been sold without having any content with it.
We see manuals around us, review videos on YouTube and search classified directories to post free ads what is it all about; this is all content. Words, sentences, phrases, dialogues, posts, ads, clips, gifs, trends and etc. This all is just meant to sell things, at it’s initial stages we know this all as “Affiliate Marketing” and on broader scale this is what we call “Branding”.

Now how content can Brand you?

You all must know about the smaller picture so let’s talk about the real big picture. So what hype does the content creates within a number of targeted users? It simply shapes their minds. Yes this is how various types of content creates trends that in result shapes brands.

They just catch your attention towards the product and that can be only happen through various types of contents.

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